Friday, January 30, 2009

Sensory Delights

A couple of weeks ago I needed needles and had no time to get to my LYS, my only free hours being occupied by a short day trip. Knitmap to the rescue! And I still can't stop thinking about the wonderful store Stitch in my old home town of Grimbsby, Ontario and two particularly gorgeous and unusual things I found there: brightly coloured leather purse handles and a pair of mittens.

Okay, I have to be honest, it's mostly the mittens. Specifically, the yarn from which they were knitted, a baby alpaca, and then of course the entire wall of the stuff, in sumptuous colours, you have to walk past to get to the back of the store. And when I say "have to", you know I don't mean you're obliged - it's more of a magnetic pull. *sigh*. If you haven't come across the Americo line of yarn yet, it's definitely worth a look (or rather, a touch.)

Oddly enough the Americo store is much, much closer to me than Stitch, but I would much rather go the distance and get my supply there. Can you imagine a nicer place to shop?

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