Saturday, July 13, 2024

Forest Bathing

I don't know about you, but I love this spa-like term for 'hanging around trees'. This is something I do as often as possible, even if it's winter and I'm stuck looking out at the bare ones in the back yard. The rest of the year, though, I'm walking distance from a ravine park with loads of natural world features in it.

The route I take requires - such a hardship! - walking past houses with nice gardens, like this pollinator one:

Or this pretty border variety:

And then it's down through a leafy bower.

The path under these trees isn't *too* steep... coming down. We won't discuss what it's like coming back up, ahem, but it's the reason I don't do this trip three times a day.

On this particular outing, we were having a break from a whole lotta rain. On my way into the ravine the skies were still very stormy-looking, which I love:

It made the air in the soggy leafy ravine smell *amazing*... I so wish I could package that up for you here, along with the pictures. But I can show you what the creeks running through the ravine looked like. Busy!

Maybe not this side of a bridge, so much - all you can see is the churned-up colour, and maybe that the water level is sitting higher than normal:

But on this side? It was noisy. I uploaded larger format pictures this week so you can click on them and see more detail.

I always wonder what magic is happening under a bridge to produce such a change. Trolls? Probably trolls.

It's too hot to knit again this week, so I'm working on another writing project I started last fall and got to a full draft before wandering off to greener pastures. It's important to take a break from a manuscript like that, so you come back with fresh eyes and ideas, but I am definitely making a note to self - six months is too long! I'm so fresh I'm practically a blank slate.

However, it's lovely on the porch again, with a tiny breeze and a lot of squirrels hustling around while we humans laze. I'm going to enjoy it all while I can.

Hope you have some lovely moments lined up in your weekend! Maybe even something with trees. Thanks as always for spending this time with me, and I hope to see you next Saturday.

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Hello again

Well that was quite a month I had! I finished writing my novel, and wrapped up two revisions to boot, and now I am tidying up the house again and looking around me at what other things I have in my life. Specifically, an unfinished knitting project to finish.

I know, presented like this these socks look like breakfast (as in, a dog's). 

My real breakfasts have been looking rather more elegant lately. In my effort to actually eat 8 different fruits and vegetables a day I've taken to grazing on them from the time I wake up. Pretty, yes? 

Also, since those breakfasts fuelled my writing so effectively, I've had time the last two days to do some serious tidying up, and tracked down my collection of vintage knitting patterns. Thought you might enjoy a look at this one. I wonder if anyone ever knit those yellow socks patterned with blue, in those exact colours, and then wore them?

Back to this month's knitting project. I don't remember now whether this is the June one I'm finishing in July, or a July one, but I think I'll give myself a pass on June either way and call it July. All these socks needed was the ends run in.

One down, one to go. Don't you love this wide shallow dish? I picked it up at an antique market and the stripe around it always makes me so happy. But the main draw is that it's the perfect size for a small project like socks or lapel pin embroidery. And when I'm working on the porch, I'm always looking for something my needles won't roll off of and into the garden if I put them down for a moment. 

That's right, we're on the porch today! It was looking a little forbidding when I finally got the cushions out and everything set up...

and in just about no time it did start to rain...

but unlike the back deck where I usually hang out, the porch has a roof. I had a little mist on my ankles, and a glorious breeze, and I welcomed both. It's been hot lately.

Being back on the porch reminds me of the good ol' days when I'd set up an audiobook and spin yarn out here. I might do that again this summer, if I still remember how! The other thing I'd like to revisit is weaving. One of the other cleanup jobs I did this week involved overhauling the dining room, and as I moved the furniture around I realized it's much more textile project friendly now. When the temperatures come down a bit, maybe next month, I might actually set up there and finish the pink silk scarf I started before we renovated the house and I got totally distracted by lighting fixtures and things of that ilk.

Ohhh, that'd be a good unfinished project to finish this year, wouldn't it? Unless moths got to it.

Trish showed me how to run in ends diagonally like this, years ago, and every time I do it I think of her. Isn't it nice to associate everyday tasks with a person you like, so you kind of get bonus time with them?

There! All done.

I'm getting another nice soft breeze now and enjoying the way our front hedge is rustling under its influence. What a lovely relaxing Saturday I'm having after working nonstop for a month - hope yours is peaceful too, or at least pleasant.

I'm leaving you with one last photo before I say goodbye for the week - our hydrangeas still have mixed soil, and are not committing to one colour over another. I do love the look of their indecision, don't you?

Thanks for waiting for me all through June and for dropping in today - I'll see you next week!