Monday, May 11, 2015

Settling in with a new sock

I am officially declaring this 'the move that would not die' because our house is still not empty.  However, I do have a new sock going on between excursions to stamp out the remaining clutter!

This is the sock knit from the last remains of the Stoddart yarn I bought two years ago - hence the illogical purple stripe.  If it took me two years to knit the last top-up to my supply, will it take me another two to get through latest one?  Let's find out.  Meanwhile...

there are two socks, not just one.  There is nothing so peaceful as knitting round after round of really good yarn in really beautiful colours, and I knit one leg a bit too long as a result.  Eh, so I had to rip back a bit before starting the heel flap.  There are worse things.

I can't decide whether this is a worse thing or not, but it is a true thing that there is not one bakery within walking distance of our temporary home capable of producing a decent croissant for a Sunday morning breakfast. 

There are three bakeries in the market, but the market is closed on Sundays and Mondays, which is awful for me because I really, really like to have a chocolate croissant with my tea on Sunday mornings and on Mondays, I like to buy a fresh loaf of super delicious bakery bread to make the first few days of the week more cheerful. 

A further truth: I've been testing, and so far I haven't found even an ordinarily delicious bakery bread, on any of the days the market or any other local bakery is open. 

I feel like a bread snob saying that, but I suspect at least half of the problem is that I've been spoiled by the Belgian and French bakeries near our house which are amaaaaazing, not to mention the Montreal-style bagel place.  There is a good Montreal-style bagel place here too... but it's in the market.  See Sunday/Monday problem noted above.

Here's what I'm wondering though.  Is it a terrible thing not to have easy access to a really good bakery... or is it a blessing??

I'm starting to think 'blessing'.  Eating my way through endless tests of mediocre breads is really taking a toll on me.

Back to the yarn, or rather, the settling-in part of this post.  I tried out the terrace outside our windows for this particular sock photoshoot and I was so happy to see the blossoms, and the fresh green plants peeping up out of the ground there.

Also, to see the scattered lounge chairs just waiting to suck in a passing knitter.  I tried one of these things out on the rooftop terrace the other night when we went up to see the sunset and Whoa.  They are comfy.  (These ones are located directly in front of our windows, incidentally, on ground level.)

But I mustn't so much as look at any more loungers until we finish emptying the house, which has to happen this week because Hello, after giving us several extensions, Ray booked the skip for delivery this Thursday and anything still inside at that point is going into it.   

As you can imagine, the delay in finishing has led to the delay in prepping for our upcoming trip to Newfoundland (May 19) during which I will probably not be able to post anything here because on holidays we tend to spend most of our waking hours either walking or too exhausted to do anything crafty.  I've stopped even packing projects or yarn, frankly.

So: two more weeks of Monday-only posts, I think, and in June: back to normal.  Thanks for your patience, and let's part for now with one more sock photo because Yum.

Do you ever get tired of the way lengths of yarn get turned into something amazing?  I don't.

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