Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Once again, it's that exciting time of the year... the magical day when odds are high that every shop we pass will be decorated with cheery, bright red and or pink hearts, and we'll notice bouquets of flowers bobbing past in the hands of passersby. On this very special day we know that when we wake up tomorrow we can get delicious heart-shaped chocolate half-price!

This is the first Valentine's Day since I started writing Hugs eight years ago that I have not posted a new free pattern as my Valentine to you, in thanks for the time you spend reading me. And frankly, I would be kidding myself if I said that doesn't make me sad.  I don't know how popular my Valentine's patterns have been but tradition is something that's hard for me to cut off at the knees. I mean, it was terrible the first year that I couldn't make shortbread to deliver to all my neighbours at Christmas time, and almost as bad the second year, and when it happened the third year in a row it was a wrench to admit that maybe that tradition was done.

I hope that next Valentine's Day will find me safely settled into a completed home with intact fingers, no disasters to deal with, and a pattern that has been duly written, photographed, proofread and is ready to publish. Today though, in the absence of my typing hand, we'll all have to be content with this message:

 I value the connection we share, I love that you care about fiber art, and I hope you score great chocolate tomorrow.

(Mind you, the best gift of all would be a list of all the crazy interpretations Dragon Speaks makes the words I actually say, not to mention the extra words it throws in between them. And the changes in verb tense! Truly inspired. I plan to spend the rest of today training it recognize Fiber Art English, which it is convinced is really called Biber Art English. Sigh.  I can't wait to be able to type again.)

Have a wonderful day my friends, I hope it is a lovely one in every way.

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