Saturday, November 30, 2019

Sweater Weather

Fall is my absolute most favourite time of the year, because it's beautiful, and because it's just the right temperature for going out inside a series of sweaters instead of a coat.  Spoiler alert: there are no sweater pictures in this post.  It's all trees, plus the occasional Hydro wire.

Earlier in the season, the changing foliage colours are just gorgeous wherever you look.  But this sort of day, with steel grey skies and mostly-barren branches reaching up to them, is so special to me.  I mean, I like sunny days with blue skies too, because they make an equally stunning backdrop. You have to admit though that this sort of weather has its own charms.

On a day like this, your sweaters and scarf keep you warm everywhere but your nose, which might even sting a bit from the cold or the wind.  You might look around and see dreariness, but that's okay and better in a way, because when you are finished doing whatever it is you're outside for, you will enjoy even more coming into a warm, cosy, softly lit nest.

It's almost like winter - those chilly grey moments when you look down from the trees and see snow all around you, and hear it crunching under your boots.  Only what you have underfoot is leaves, either wet and sluggish or dry and skittish.

It's a great time for reflection, walking in all this strange stillness.  Without colour to distract you, you can appreciate the symmetry of those tiny tree branches, not to mention the variety.  I love that some trees look stark and dark and detailed against the sky, while others look almost fuzzy with tiny twigs far away at the very tops.

I love this particular stand of trees so much.  It is near enough to my house that I get to see it almost every day, in every season.

Birds still sing when the world looks like this, and squirrels are still darting around everywhere.  Walking among all that reminds me of the resilience of life, and the value of preparation for harder times so you can enjoy the beauty they bring along with the challenges.  Like knitting sweaters in spring to wear out on a November walk.

Or even just handwarmers, in case a full mitten is too much.

(or of course, socks!)

Hope you get some nice days like this, however grey others might find them. 

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