Saturday, December 31, 2022

Kicking off the year with a new short story

It's been a while for me - a lot of knitting patterns between my first round of published short stories and this new one - but I feel like I'm back in the game and it's very exciting!

ENTERTAINMENT TO DIE FOR, available from Amazon, is the latest anthology from the Los Angeles chapter of Sisters in Crime, which promotes the work of women in the field of crime and mystery writing. 

It's such a great organization and, for me, it's only gotten better since the pandemic - with so many meetings shifting online, I've been able to join more chapters across the States and connect with more writers. But since my longtime writing buddy Wrona is in the LA chapter, I put the most energy there. We're now running the Speaker's Bureau together and already it's been a great learning experience. Plus, we're getting to know some super nice people.

Many of whom contributed to this anthology! If you enjoy crime writing, I hope you'll check it out.

My story is "He's No Gary Cooper", a noir adventure set in the 1930s, in which a new arrival to a Hollywood studio typing pool is caught between her favourite movie star and her self-appointed chaperone. 

And if you click the 'Look Inside' tab, you can read Diana Gould's opening story and the first half of mine.


In other news, I've been knitting a hat - you read that right, not socks, though I knit a pair of those for a friend's Christmas present, as well - and I should have pictures to show you next time. They may not be of it complete and keeping my head warm, but it's in hand-dyed yarn from Viola so let's face it, even if it's still on the needles it'll be gorgeous. Emily works magic with yarn dye like nobody else I know.

I expect to be back a LOT more regularly for Hugs in 2023 but let me just leave you, on this last day of 2022, with all my good wishes for a wonderful year to come! And I look forward to seeing you here again soon.

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