Saturday, April 8, 2023

Casting On

Last night Pete found one of those shows about the beautiful English countryside and we nestled into the couch for some vicarious travel. But not before I found myself autopiloting to my sock yarn drawer to set up a new pair on my beloved square needles:

My yarn choices were pretty limited. Two Halloween colourways and this one, called 'Feast', from the November 2014 Vesper Sock Club. That's a shock right there, isn't it? I'm still working through a stash from almost ten years ago! 

This stripe combo might be meant for fall, but the carrot colours, plus the bright pink, lean springtime too.

There's been some serious leaning into spring around here. Like, last week I spotted a massive sale on cake plates and felt I must have them. This week I set them up on the mantel for plants, having realized too late they are really more for display than for food.

Now the mantel looks like a retail display but at least it's a fresh take on the usual! And I do love the dot cutouts on the tall plates, not to mention the repetition. 

Repetition improves sock stripes as well, I've noticed. If you just look at the orange and brown, this sock resembles a1970s handknit afghan:

But once you get into all the colours the whole tone changes. 


And by the time I'm ready to start the heel flap, the colours will have built up into something new again. Sort of a 'more is more' situation.

And speaking of 'more is more', I think chocolate brownies are a good thing to make tonight before I go any further with the socks. This recipe for cocoa brownies by Alice Medrich from her book Bittersweet, which I stumbled across on Smitten Kitchen, can be measured out on a scale, and you don't even need to remember to warm any butter first! Spontaneous desserting with minimal spoons to wash up after: it does not get better than that.

I hope your weekend is going beautifully, with or without a new project and fresh baking! and I look forward to seeing you here again next Saturday.


Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love that sock yarn and the mantle display!

Mary Keenan said...

Aw, thanks Jeannie!