Saturday, September 23, 2023

Me again

Hello and happy negative-test Saturday! As of two hours ago I am officially through my first (and really, it's very welcome to be my last) round of Covid. And I have outside pictures to prove it. 


Technically I could have come outside any day this week with a mask on, but it didn't seem worth the effort, so I stayed in bedroom jail and worked on my novel. Also, a little bit of sock. Progress, at last!

I feel I'm into the home stretch with these now, and a good thing too because I have to wind more sock yarn cakes and get started on a purple-stripe pair for Jan's Christmas present. She loves these socks and I'm not sure how she'd react if I ever gave her something like a kettle instead.

Today is also the first day of fall and the back yard is kind of showing it. The hostas look like they've had the wind knocked out of them, for one thing.

But I'm also thinking there are gonna be a *lot* of fried green tomatoes happening in our kitchen over the next little while. 

At least we did get some fruit. Our hydrangeas never bloomed at all, though I did spot a tiny bud waiting to happen, just now.

Our Roma tomatoes did the best. 

There are a whole plate of them inside... probably only enough for a sauce for two, but bright red.

Whew! I am sleepy just from that little walk around the garden. Time for one more glamour photo and then I'm calling it a Hug.

It is so nice of you to stop by to see me on Saturdays. I hope you've had a lovely week but either way, that you get a great weekend before we do it all all over again. See you soon!

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