Saturday, October 7, 2023

Sweater weather

At last! The temperature around here has finally dropped enough to reach for a sweater before heading out the door. I know summer is a popular season for a lot of reasons but for me: it's all about autumn.

I've been such a snail with my knitting the last few years, not only in speed but in terms of finger agility (as in, sticky where it isn't zero). Still, I couldn't help noticing this particular project - not a sweater, it's another Hatcowl - is almost done.

You may recall me moaning about this thing a year ago - and likely on many other occasions - because I'd cast on with lace-tipped needles and they are SO STABBY. But I also loved the Viola-dyed yarn enough to persevere well into last spring. And it's paid off: I'm pretty close to doing the eyelets, which immediately precede another few rounds of ribbing. Which, by the way, will not number as many as the initial very deep ribbing section. YAY!

If I sit down and focus, I could have this thing ready to wear out on a walk next week. Which probably isn't necessary as it's not *that* cold yet, but still. A girl can dream, as I always remind myself when imagining the impossible.

No pictures to accompany this bit of exciting news, but our tiny home is, at last, on its foundation! Turns out putting even a lightweight shed on twenty feet of sand takes some extra intervention. Like, for example, helical piles that go down even deeper, with engineer-designed bracing at the top. Next week with luck we'll also get power, something that involves serious trench-digging by Pete and company before our electrician arrives. We won't have water for the foreseeable. However, we don't need to wait for that for the septic hookup, and we might even be able to harvest rainwater for non-potable uses, so it feels like progress.

Crossing my fingers I actually get out there to see it and take a bunch of pictures for you this fall... the actual building is quite plain, but the land it's on is gorgeous. As proof, here's one of the few images I've been offered that doesn't feature a tractor, taken from our cousins' driveway next door on balmy day in September:

I mean HONESTLY. Who wouldn't want that view every day? Admittedly it's theirs and not ours, but I gotta think there's another vantage point further in that's just as stunning.

Okay that's it for me. Random episodes of exhaustion are still pocketing my Covid recovery, but I'm feeling good enough right now to take a magical sweater-weather walk, and I've learned to grab those moments.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend (and a wonderful Thanksgiving if you're Canadian like me!) and I look forward to meeting up again next Saturday. As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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