Saturday, December 16, 2023

Out for a walk

It's been years since I've been able to visit the property we maintain but I got out there this week, and I have pictures!

I didn't take any of the interior of the shed we spent all year setting up there because it's serving as a shelter with bathroom, accessorized with muddy work boots lined up on a shelf. Anyway the outside is plenty beautiful enough for this week.

Pete has been hard at work all summer dragging fallen trees out of the forest and rounding up bits of fence, but he took breaks to cut a walking path into the meadow and up the hill so I could climb it. Above, I have a photo of where we started, on the west side near the driveway. Note the logs on the right he pulled out of the woods while I did some other fussing. He's trying to do as much cleanup as he can before the snow flies.

And now, the walk. Here we've gotten to the end of that section and turned right, into another trail that crosses the last of the flattish area, past the ponds to the foresty bit.

Behold: a frosty pond!

Apparently it's full of frogs and turtles in the summer. 

I overshot the path to the hill to get that pic. Let's go back a few feet to the land bridge between the pond and the marshy patch that is likely to be more pondy now that Pete's fixed its leak. The hill doesn't look too bad from here, does it.

Appearances: once again misleading. It's got some very steep sections. But even I, with lingering breathing issues post-Covid plus fierce determination, made it up there in a little over seven minutes. 

At the top, Pete cut another trail so you can catch the view from more angles. This one looks east.

Looking north, we get to see our neighbours' beautiful cornfield.

It's like something out of a novel set in rural 19th century England, don't you think?

Okay: time to head back down. Pond on the right, foresty bit on the left.

I want to enjoy this path while I can, because doing it in spring may only be possible in gumboots! and in winter, snowshoes. 

Back at the bottom. The pond is surrounded by fuzzy seedy plants and blown cattails. Once you've reached the south side, there's a path into the trees.

Wish I'd seen Pete puttering the tractor along to make these routes. We're trying to leave as much meadow as possible, to help give insects and animals maximum shelter, but hopefully they don't grudge us sharing. 

Apart from the chipmunk who was very offended by our entering his forest and made a lot of noise at us before fleeing into some fallen logs.

Pete did cut a lot of grass down at the entrance to the property. I thought the shadows were just beautiful.

Then I turned and saw the shed, perched high atop the gravel we brought in for a level surface, and wondered if bright white siding was quite the right idea! 


Oh well... when somebody needs the bathroom or a place to warm their extremities, they won't have any trouble finding it. And that ain't nothin'.

Meanwhile, I don't know about you, but looking at these pictures all together I can't help thinking what a gorgeous yoke these colours would make on an Icelandic sweater. YUM

Hope you'll join me again next week, and that you enjoying this little vicarious stroll. Have a great weekend!

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