Saturday, March 2, 2024

Warm hands

It's March now and for long walks I'm transitioning from handspun warmers over gloves to my thinner handwarmers. I've probably shown this pair before in beautiful hand-dyed yarn from Viola but the colour transitions are so gorgeous I can't help myself.

I love Viola yarn but it was out of my budget for sweaters and, I feel, too precious to risk on socks that will wear out, so I don't have near as much in my stash as I'd like. Especially now that I've drifted back over to the site and learned Emily is no longer dyeing yarn. I guess everything has its season and I was lucky to acquire what I do have! 

There's a hat in Viola on my needles, too... maybe that's the longsuffering project I should try to finish this month? It'd be nice to have it in play for next winter. Anyway: nobody else does colourwork like Emily. This colourway still gives me the same thrill now it did when I first bought it.

It was actually a tiny bit too chilly for these mitts today - damp and grey, so that my fingers were cold - but that won't last. And I don't mind getting a little uncomfortable outside. It makes coming in again for tea and a sandwich such a pleasure.

Hope your weekend is lovely, and thank you as always for making me a part of it. See you next Saturday!

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