Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Knitting through the Olympics

The sock I cast on last Wednesday was nearly done on Monday:

because there was so much time in the car over the weekend.  And while I was knitting I was torn between loving the yarn and hating that I was making socks because I really really wanted to make twined mittens with it instead.  You know?  I love that they will be socks really, but...

cue the plotting and scheming

especially since there are so many things coming up to plot and scheme for

Like, right now is the Tour de Fleece during which I will spin daily, and a few days after that the 'Ravellenics' start.  This is the new name for 'knitting through the Olympics' and I expect to be referring to it a fair bit because Knitting and Tea and Cookies has a group for it at Ravelry, thanks to my friend costumatty who put it all together while I was busy studying and testing.

Because I was so busy studying and testing though, I didn't think about what to knit during the Olympics that would be a personal challenge for me.

Well, how's this for a plan:

During Tour de Fleece, spin this fiber into yarn:

and then during Ravellenics, knit it into these mitts I've coveted for years:

What do you think?  The roving doesn't have the hits of blue the sock yarn does,

but the rest of the colours are similar and might still be a striking fit for my charcoal grey coat.

Incidentally even if you don't feel like signing up you are very welcome to join us for chat and support at Knitting and Tea and Cookies.  The idea is simply to challenge yourself and hope for the best, but it's always nicer to do that in company I find.

Speaking of which, I do hope my friends in the U.S. have the best holiday today, with whatever good things in it make you most happy.  See you tomorrow!

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