Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thank you, Bertha

As promised, I have now taken pictures of the Very Special Knitted Thing I bought myself on Sunday:

It's really two things, isn't it - two mitts.  Or rather, they are two things.

Here is what happened:

I'm pretty certain that no matter how hard I try I am not going to pull off a pair of warm twined mittens during the Olympics this summer.  I'm not that great at knitalongs to start with and this one in particular depends on things calming down for me and getting magically tidied up and organized which isn't happening by a long shot.

(also I am once again distracted by a limb swelling up from excessive blackfly bites.  Pete just saw me with the camera and the mittens and did a big dramatic sigh of relief that I wasn't photographing my elephant ankle to post on my blog, which is why you're not seeing the picture I just took of my elephant ankle.  ahem.)

So when I went into the totally charming Old Hastings Gallery - seriously, check the link for some vicarious browsing - and saw a basket of these totally charming mittens, I said


and scooped up the first pair I could reach.

The mitts were sourced from Northern Watters Knitwear in Prince Edward Island, which is sort of appropriate for me since the nicest childhood summer holiday I had, apart from the ones at the cottage I now own (still can't quite believe that), was in PEI.  It's sooo lovely there!  And apparently it is peopled with super speedy and generous knitters because - especially since my new mitts are made with British Wool that still has the lanolin in it for maximum waterproofingness - you will not believe what the mitts cost.

But more on that in a minute.

My mitts were knit by Bertha Tuplin, and they fit me so perfectly that I think she must have knit them for me personally without knowing it.  Well, maybe she didn't, but I'm going to think it anyway because it makes me feel so much better about maybe not making it with the twined mitten plan.

So: thank you Bertha!

Thank you for knitting my dream mittens.

Thank you for putting so much more roving into these mitts than I did when I made thrummed mitts for myself.

And thank you for only charging $50 to do it.

Even the right mitt is in shock!

(okay, really it's just inside out.  see what I mean about all the roving??)

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Trish said...

MUPPET WIGS!!! I love it! Multi-coloured thrumming is the best!