Monday, April 7, 2014

How the writing is going: a post about knitting

Now that I'm posting less to write more, I appear to be knitting socks at an alarming rate.  One problem is this:

Vesper sock yarn, rainbow colors

I was a few days into writing every spare minute when I suddenly noticed I'd tossed this sock in progress next to my computer, on top of its mate which I had finished off when I was supposed to be working on a difficult chapter.  It's pretty and colourful and so not what you should have next to your computer when you're trying to focus on work.

The next day I had to stop writing again to take another picture of the sock.

Just try ignoring these stripes, I dare you.

It's farther along here because - yep, I caved in and knit it.  In fact I nearly finished it the day after that, but I decided to get some sleep instead. 

Meanwhile, another sort of knitting is seeping into my day like cold air from the window over my desk that doesn't currently shut all the way.  See, it doesn't just creep over my rapidly chilled fingers, but all the way down the back of my desk to my feet.  The other day I noticed these double socks waiting to get put on again...

handknit socks, blue and orange

... and thought Wow, those are some nice colours, aren't they.

Then later I was pacing around trying to figure out how to solve a plot problem, and I saw the last remaining unspun bit of Moxie I fear I will never get to, and the bag of new Twisted yarns, and I thought H'mmmm:

Twisted Fiber Art

Even though the shades aren't perfect, if there's any left of the Aqua yarn after I make socks with it, it might look really awesome striped with handspun Moxie.

I don't know about you but I am noticing a theme here and it's not just that I seem to be procrastinating a lot.  There's some serious blue and yellow and orange going on in my house right now!

But seriously:  the writing is going okay.  Mostly it's hard, which is normal, but I did have a couple of episodes last week where I forgot what day it was and also, what time of day it was.  That sounds like a serious health problem, but is actually a very good sign. Having your characters talk to you: also bad-sounding and also a good sign.  (they aren't talking to me at the moment but that's okay, as long as I'm forgetting basic stuff.)

There are some aspects of writing that are very, very similar to knitting.  Any of this ring a bell for you?

1/ OH NO I can't do this I am terrible and hopeless and I should just give up!
(knitting: this handknit gift will not be well received.  writing: this book is complete tripe that nobody in their right mind will ever want to read.)

2/ OH NO my leg is asleep again!
(knitting: I have been sitting too long.  I should get up and have some tea.  writing: I have been sitting too long.  I should get up and have some tea.)

3/ OH NO this just does. not. work!
(knitting: time to frog and reknit.  writing: time to delete and rewrite.)

The first one is the worst, and you absolutely have to ignore it and push through.  The best solution is to remember that you can be not nearly good enough and still be a lot better than a nearby lamp, or maybe even your next-door-neighbour who is just learning to crawl. 

I will not be writing today, but I will also not be working on that second sock on my desk because whoops:

Fortunately I did start those other stripies at the beginning of all this writing mania, so I have something to fall back on.  But not literally.  That would be ouch.

Meanwhile: the Twitter experiment continues tomorrow.  Haiku Tuesdays, Very Short Story Thursdays.  Hope you see something you like on one of them and I'll be back on Wednesday with some more pretty, finished knits!


Leslie said...

such beauty is difficult to ignore!

Mary Keenan said...

and also, Leslie: I have zero willpower ;^)