Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Little Bunny introduces some Ferryboat Mitts

Wednesday glamour shots have become kind of a routine here, so to break the seemingly nonstop flow of handknit socks I thought we'd look at some lovely Ferryboat Mitts from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas...

fingerless gloves, Churmouse Yarns and Teas

as introduced by Little Bunny.

(Sorry - I kind of caught him by surprise.  He didn't know the camera was coming along when I invited him out to play in the new gloves.)

Have I introduced Little Bunny before?  I'm sure I've mentioned him - he was sitting on top of my Easter basket last year, and on impulse I slipped him into my coat pocket as I was leaving for the airport the following day for my trip to Italy.  Turns out he's a fantastic travel companion and just right for a nervous or stressful moment.  He's tagged along to dental appointments too.  Basically he's been long overdue for some fun times outside, is what I'm getting at here.

Plus, after watching the winter unfold for months from the window, he really needed to smell some springtime air.

I was a little mean about teasing him that I'd hidden carrots in the stitches of the gloves...

So I made it up to him with some dancing...

handspun yarn, fingerless gloves

and a slide down the banister...

and hide and seek around the tree.

Good bunny!

Little Bunny is the smallest version of the long-eared rabbit from Jellycat, the good people responsible for this crazy adorable sheep, and a coordinating black sheep. I can highly recommend Little Bunny's tiny rabbit peers for portable calm when knitting is not an option, and for gifting to a friend in need.  But also: SO CUTE.

Even cuter than what I think are some seriously cute gloves made from handspun yarn.

Which, in their own right, are almost cute enough to make me want to leap back in and knit the second pair straight away... but man!

that was a lot of ends to run in.

Okay, time for us all to go be productive (even Little Bunny, who's off sowing carrot seeds since I let him down so badly.)  Tomorrow I'm due to tweet another story, and then I'll see you again here on Friday.  Take care and knit well in the meantime!

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