Monday, April 20, 2015

Socks and a car full of yarn

While Pete loaded up the back of his car with my yarn stash on the weekend, I photographed my newly finished colourblock socks in a sun patch on the porch:

The socks are the result of my learning to move slowly and build in relaxation time between bouts of box-filling.  I knew this whole project would be a big job when Pete first told me he was ready to put on a second floor around this time last year, and I tried to be prepared for it, but OMIgosh, there is no such thing as prepared.  It's so hard to leave home, I am clinging to the gratitude born of knowing we aren't selling the house - that we're coming back to it.

(at the same time, I am really getting into the whole 'living downtown' thing, and feeling like I don't want to leave the condo either.  greedy, greedy girl.)

Anyhow, because I was feeling more relaxed than panic-stricken while I photographed the socks, I also photographed the novelty of my entire stash filling the back of Pete's car, with the third row of seating folded down no less.

Then he came outside again with a suitcase I recognized as containing more stash.

After the third time, I thought it was better to stop taking pictures.

(there's more in the back seat.  Apparently I need never buy yarn again.)

Back to the socks.  I did something weird with the heel flap - I made it longer, but forgot to pick up enough stitches along the sides with the first one and then had to do the same with the second, such that there is some puckering along the heel:

I left the row-counter safety pins in to save time for photography.  painful looking, aren't they?

and whether it's for that reason or just the added length in that area, these are the most comfortable socks I've knit yet.  The heel cup is like a little hug for my foot.  So who cares if I totally messed up the green block of colour unadorned with any contrast colour?

Me, probably.  I may do some duplicate stitch fanciness later.

In other news: some very nice movers are coming over at the end of the week, and after that we have about another week to tidy out anything we don't need because Ray wants to come and start the demo.

I am, frankly, scared.  Scared I won't get it all packed, scared to say goodbye to my beautiful shabby house, scared to spend a year in a place less bathed in light though still quite sunny, scared because this whole thing is crazy expensive and getting more so all the time.

But I do have a pair of socks done.

So that's something.

(also: birds.  but I'll tell you about those next week, after the dust starts to settle.)

Have a great week and I'll see you as soon as I'm able to clear a little time and space!


Darlene said...

Funny you should say that about the heel flap. I didn't count rows as I was knitting and just counted the knit stitches going up...doing the knit one slip one heel. I counted 22 and that was what I was supposed to have. I have knit this pattern at least 10 times and never did this. Also never noticed until I tried to fold then when I was finished. I am now past the flap on the second one and, oh well, they will subscribe. Happy moving!

Marianne said...

First let me say that I love the socks!! Nice that they were finished and most likely the last of the photo's from the "porch".
I would be terribly afraid to move my stash!!! I think I would have to do so under the cover of night and when no one is at home to see how much yarn I do own. The yarn takes up an entire closet (though 4 rather large boxes belong to my Sister) (just sayin") So I am so very proud that you allowed Pete to assist you, he has to know that he is a very special person to be allowed the privilege of assisting with the uncomfortable (for yarn and yarn owner) (which leads to another subject, do we own the yarn or does the yarn own us?) (should have used possess but didn't want to back up that much :-) Point is I am so very proud that the yarn has been moved, which means that the condo has officially become home for you. (though I am so happy that you kept the cottage, city life is fun for awhile, but the traffic and the "business" becomes a nightmare after a while).
Sending a hug for you and a special hug for Pete,'tis an honor he received and deserves a hug!! (Or an ice cream??)

Mary Keenan said...

I'm just impressed that Pete moved all that stuff and patiently carried it up to the condo without comment, esp. since he won't let me knit for him ;^) Really hope the socks aren't the last pictures from the porch though... I dread seeing that come down, we've loved it so, and the 'new' porch is going to be wider and have different chairs. But it will be built by Ray! so it will automatically be perfect.

Mary Keenan said...

Darlene, hope your socks come out as comfy as mine! It's so weird to me how autopilot patterns can still go wrong... one moment's distraction and BOOM. no matter how experienced we are. Knitting: it's so much like golf.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a stash! How lovely that Pete moved it for you. And how utterly knitterly of you to head off to the Frolic!

Enjoy the downtown experience! So many great places to walk to and discover.

Mary Keenan said...

It is so true Mamie... there is so much to see downtown! and we're in an historic area, too. Yum!