Monday, April 6, 2015

Patchy knits, in blogging and life

Moving house: not all it's cracked up to be!  There was a time, pre cellphones, when my friend Dave wrote my address in pencil because I moved so much, and if that was still necessary I would probably be in better shape today because most of my stuff would be in boxes perpetually.  Probably I would own less, too.  Thankfully Stoddart yarn is a thing that exists...

... though my stash is dwindling.  I have to do something about this issue, but more on that later.

First: my apologies for my unexpected absence last week, and likely absences for the next two or three.  If you've been reading Hugs for very long you will know how unusual it is for me to skip a post.  Keeping the site in regular production is so much a priority that I will cut back on sleep to make sure I have photographs and text ready for every weekday.

Basically, if I skip a day, you can be sure I am out of control busy.  And if I skip four days?  Omigosh.  I don't mind telling you, the only reason you're reading Hugs today is because a bout of vertigo has forced me to sit down and stay put.

Digression Alert:

Did you know 'silent migraine' is also a thing that exists?  Apparently you can get all sorts of advance warning of an imminent migraine, for days ahead of time - vertigo, visual disturbances, etc. - and then you get the headache.  Except in a silent migraine, where you get the warning and when it passes you can get on with your life.  No headache.

I have had a handful of these things now over the past couple of years and the room-spinning version is the one that makes me extra grateful to be walking distance from where I need to be while the house is renovated.  You can't drive when you're spinny. 

Now, if I'd been taking care of myself the last few weeks instead of putting in 14 hour days on packing, floorplan review, interior fitting selection, and keeping up with the priorities of everyday life, I probably wouldn't be stuck right now. Apparently a good way to avoid this kind of migraine is to get enough sleep and not get too stressed.  I knew this, and I pushed it anyway, because the movers are coming in 18 days and I have packed practically nothing because our condo only recently became ready to receive things.

Here is where Stoddart socks are saving me.  I mean, it's very nice yarn on its own, obviously.  But knit up, it makes a supple and beautiful fabric.  And when that fabric has been washed and worn loads of times in sequence, it's also very soft and incredibly reassuring.

Often over the winter, I'll go to bed with freezing feet and pull on a pair of very thick Stoddart boot socks to combat the problem.  An hour or two later I will wake up and take the socks off and lay them on the edge of the bed next to whatever is passing for my night table (at home it's a desk; at the condo, the arm of the sofa; in the renovated house it will be an actual nightstand and I can hardly wait.)

Recently I've noticed I will wake again a few hours after that, my hand resting on the socks for comfort.  They are that soft.

(And I am that stressed.)

Fortunately, I recognized after something crazy like 10 days of not taking time to knit that you actually make more time when you do knit than when you try to push through.  Knitting gives you energy.  You can just move faster between bookshelf and box if you're not feeling all burdened and stuff.  So I've make good progress on my socks du jour, knit with Stoddart for its loveability and in colourblocks for its pacing, ugliness being a price I am prepared to pay.  If nothing else, the ugly patchy bits will help me remember surviving this exceptionally hectic time in my life.  Assuming I do.

Now to the stash problem.  I have yarn left for one pair of Stoddart socks, after this pair is done.  ONE PAIR.  After that, I will have to face stress with yarns that help, but not as much or as fast.  Clearly I have to refill the Stoddart cupboard, but when?

Silvia does bring yarn to the Wychwood Farmer's Market once a month, but we tried her there a few weeks ago and as she too has been super busy - with lambing, no less - she hadn't had time to restock her own supply.  She will also be at this year's Knitters Frolic.  But not only is that happening the day after we move out of the house (the Frolic being much closer to the house than to the condo) it is also the day I am going to a baby shower.


I have no idea what to do about this.  Apart from asking Pete to be chauffeur for a day, which seems a little unfair since he has just as much going on as I do.

What I do know: I will be so glad when this move is done and I can settle into something like normal life again.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies for the short supply of Hugs.  Stay well and happy and I'll see you again as soon as I can!

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