Monday, March 30, 2015

House-planning, knitter-style

I've been knitting, but I haven't been writing about it.  I've been choosing all sorts of interior details for the house, instead, because the roof comes off in about 6 weeks and I'm supposed to know what's going in before that so we can finalize all the little details like where to reinforce with wood for wall-mounted stuff.

Unrelated daffodils, compliments of Bethy

Some things we have in mind:

Super bendy library sconces on either side of the sofa we're putting in our bedroom, for perfect knitting lighting

Super pretty sconces for the front hall bench in front of the huge new south-facing window where people can put on shoes, or knit in a sun patch

Not just one but three ceiling pendants for the dining room so in winter we can push the table over to one end and tuck knit-friendly armchairs and a footstool in front of the fireplace (plus, an outlet is going into the floor to accommodate a table lamp.  Priorities!)

A dedicated counter for tea making to facilitate knitting

A study with a very very long desk for spreading out pattern notes and yarns

Counter space in the laundry room for blocking handknits on drying mats, if there's any space left after the duct work gets sorted

... you get the idea.

It's a lot of work turning a tiny house into a slightly bigger house customized for knitfestings, what can I say?  but if I meet my deadlines before the end of tomorrow, I will so be here with yummy pictures to show you.  Because I have been knitting, honest!

Hope you've been knitting too, or at least having a super nice day.


Barb Fullerton said...

Nice to have a knit-friendly home!

Mary Keenan said...

It's been a long time coming, Barb!!