Monday, March 2, 2015

Inside the new knit nest

Last week something very exciting happened:

We got new chairs for our temporary condo home!

Okay, it's just furniture.  But we're all knitters here, right?  and we know why furniture is important.  The last time we bought a comfy chair was in 1996, and the condo is pretty much empty still - not to mention almost entirely white - so it's a relief all around. The fact that the chairs are crazy amazing to sit in (in any of their three positions, because they recline) is just a bonus.

Actually I am afraid to sit down in them because they are so restful it is so hard to make myself get out again.  Which would be great except there is still so very much to do before we can call this move complete.

Not so much that I couldn't justify taking a break to use our new desk space though...

Pete gave me this Lego set for Christmas and I have been saving it to play with downtown where I knew there would be a clear horizontal surface to work from.


Every new knitting nest needs a mascot, especially if it's one that can be rinsed off in case of drifting drywall dust.

And every mascot needs a friend.

And a nest of her own.

Seriously though: we should all be happy that there is a nice place to sit at the condo, because I have done zero knitting there up to now.  Mostly I spend my waking at-home hours perched on a hard wooden seat planning renovation things. With luck the presence of a relaxing chair will tempt me away from all that hard work and Hugs will be able to stretch out and relax with lots of wonderful knitting photographs.

I did remember to bring my bag to the house this past weekend though, so I do have lots of very pretty fiber things to show you... but you'll have to pop back in another day to see it.

I hope your schedule is allowing you some chair time these days, even if all you have the energy to do is enjoy taking the load off your feet!  Take care of yourself and I'll see you tomorrow.


Marianne said...

I love the chairs!! I have been searching for a new comfy chair as my chair has been taken over by my sister who has learned to crochet. I am also a Lego collector, got started when my sons were young and we would sit and create for hours during the snow or rainy days. I have switched to the new Friends collection and one can find the small sets sitting in many different areas of my room. Enjoy your journey, I've always wanted to live in a downtown area of a big city, alas I'm too much of a country woman to give up my gardens, LOL
Hugs, Marianne

Mary Keenan said...

I looooved Lego as a kid but it was weird to have to assemble this set to the instructions! They're selling the 'classic' bricks again... and I bet UniKitty would enjoy free play with some of those ;^)