Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekend tea and knitting

Oh how I dream of weekend tea and knitting.  And while we're on the subject, check out the new old-style teapot I bought to use while we live in a (now) old-style condo:

I have always heard the descriptor 'Brown Betty' for teapots but there are some variations in style, even in terms of the shade of brown.  Check this 'images' link for pure teapot overload!

This particular version is by Adderley Ceramics and is the result of a good deal of research to produce a pot as close to the original as possible, right down to the source of the clay. The marketing says that this shape of pot produces the best tasting tea and I must admit: after 20+ years of using a Denby coffee-shaped pot, the tea really does taste yummier from the Brown Betty.  I'm using the same tea in both, and since the condo isn't nearly as cosy as home it can't be warping the overall experience, so it must be true.

The other thing about this pot is that it's very very shiny and smooth in your hand.  soooo pleasant.

Also it needs a sweater.

I have just enough of the yarn I used for Richard's cowl and handwarmers for such an item.  I had been thinking of making handwarmers for myself with it, and I may still do that... but it looks like the right weight for the Churchmouse cosy pattern I'd like to knit and it's definitely a good colour for the pot.  See?

Now, given that I've had the yarn, pattern, and pot in hand for the last three weeks you'd think I would have had the cosy knit and in use long since, but No.  In addition to my wonderful week of writing, I have been sorting out details like what size mirror can fit in this space without being hit by that door, and can I manage to pull off this party during the same week I am bringing in movers, and do we really want PEX over copper in an area where mice abound and copper thieves do not? 

(If you have to ask what PEX is, please enjoy your weekend beverage of choice with that much more relaxed happiness - and if you don't have to ask about copper thieves, please accept my deepest condolences.  Please also note that I am not including links and pat me on the head for same... I have nothing against PEX except for the mouse thing, but you can't knit with it.  On the upside it does come in some very nice colours.)

Now, the funny thing about needing to address all these renovation details is that they can really crowd out other items like

OMIGOSH I have to get us moved out of this house in FOUR WEEKS!  or maybe five, but not six, because then I'm competing with everybody else doing first of month moves and needing both elevators and moving trucks.


And that is not a good thing, because I could blink and it would be two weeks. 

My friend Holly couldn't find temporary accommodations till very close to her renovation date last fall, and had to find movers and pack up her entire house in two weeks.  She survived, but strongly encouraged me not to do the same.

So: I am going to put my head down and get some serious moving related work done in the coming week, and take another little break from Hugs for the purpose.  I feel terrible that renovating my house is creating upheaval here even here in my peaceful online nest, but it is temporary and, I am assured, worth it.  Also I may be able to sneak back in for ten minutes to show you something pretty.  Who knows?  A textile person can only go so long without yarn and sticks.

Meanwhile, let's concentrate on Emily's wonderful yarn...

And dream of happy days of tea and knitting.

See you as soon as I can - have a wonderful time till I'm back!

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