Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Plied yarn and broken dishes

I have such a thing for vintage dishes, and hands down, this oddly-shaped plate is my best find ever:

It's a Franciscan design and it was the sandwich part of a soup and sandwich set.

I used to have two of them, and up until last week they came out for every gathering at our house - I'd load them up with crackers or veg and then put a little vintage dish onto the soup area filled with dip or goat cheese.  Every time I'm in a flea market or antique store I look for more from this set, but I rarely see any and never unchipped.  Even then, they are priced so much higher then the $2.00 price tag on each of my two.  (You can usually find a few pieces at eBay but there's no thrill of the hunt there. Well, no $2 pricing anyway.)

Sadly, our kitchen at home is so small I had to store them with other much-loved dishes on an elevated on the top shelf of a cabinet and after about twenty years of their peaceful coexistence there... Pete's sleeve caught on the leg of the rack.  Everything came crashing down, luckily smashing to bits on our counter and floor rather than on Pete because they are being replaced and he could never be.  Neither survived unscathed.  This plate, and one small dessert plate from a different set, and the bowl from the cream and sugar for our everyday dishes were all that survived.

I am so glad I have that much!

And I am so glad I finally had time to ply this yarn and get it into a skeins for blocking.

It came out seriously bulky and warm, and although this year's exceptionally cold February is finally over I am pretty sure I still have time to wear new hat.

I am feeling good about the chances of such a hat looking good with the Yak scarf, too - aren't you?

Breaking much-loved dishes is sad, but buying new ones isn't... and I had a few really good finds when we were setting up a campsite at the condo.  I'll show you those another day soon!

See you later alligators, and best wishes for some knitting time till then.

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