Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's all about the stripe

I don't know why it's taken me so long to notice that I like stripes, but wow.  I really like stripes!

And self-striping yarn ('Majestic', this time!) absolutely feeds the attraction.  Thank you Knitterly Things for another beautiful installment of Vesper sock yarn... to join my many other still-uncaked Vesper sock yarns.

But not to worry: decorating the walls with unknit yarn is actually a design plan, not a mark of desperation.  ahem.

Speaking of desperation, now that all the previous owners' picture-hanging holes have been filled in and the entire condo painted white, OMIgosh, is there a lot of wall space that needs something pretty.  The trouble is that because we won't be here long, and because I personally took out all those screws and plugs and filled and flattened the fill*, I don't really want to bring more holes into the world.

For this reason I was very pleased to look up from my comfy recliner the other evening to see the walls taking care of themselves:

Or rather, the sun and the window blinds doing the job.  As long as it's not me, it's a perk.

The light is so strong coming in from the west, from early afternoon to early evening, that I am thinking now I should move the new recliners a bit further from the window so they don't fade.

What do you think?

I'll tell you what the new yarn thinks:

It thinks the recliners are lovely no matter what colour they are.  And, being yarn, it might even feel the same if I'd let it enjoy the chair in full sun (but I didn't, because it is too complicated to photograph a stripe on a stripe.)

I often wonder what it is about stripes that make me so happy.

It might be the contrast, or perhaps the simplicity of the pattern.  It might be the perfection of line or the boundary between one thing and the other that keeps them both neat and predictable.  It might be the sense of a defined path - because let's face it, there is something of a relief in a path that doesn't involve decisions or even too much thought.  Or it might be that it allows me to have more colours in the same amount of space I'd have to spend on a solid.  Yum!

What design style draws you in?  Solids, florals, dots, geometrics?  Or are you all about the stripe too?

*renovation tip from Ray: don't pull those drywall plugs out of the wall so you can fill them and paint them over; the effort will draw the edges of the hole outward and produce a ring around the depression you can never really cover up.  Instead, hammer the plug further in before using your filler.  In spite of working with Ray for years and trusting him completely I was skeptical of this approach and dead certain the plug would show.  I was wrong to feel that way because the holes I fixed look awful now and the ones he did are impossible to find.

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