Thursday, March 26, 2015

Utility knitting: good or evil?

I had an idea for boot socks that I think now is a terrible disservice to outstanding yarns.

Normally I would take some stunning pink yarn leftovers and do a cuff, then add a lovely green, and stripe the two together for a bit.  But after about 16 bazillion socks like that I couldn't help thinking it might be easier to take a colourblock approach.

Now: I'm not so sure. 

If I did pink and then green and then another very similar pink, maybe?  That isn't what I did, though, mostly because that isn't what I had.  I did pink till I ran out, and green till I ran out, and then I added in a sort of heathery denim pink orange mix.

And I just don't think it works.

Sometimes I'm wrong about thinking I'm wrong, and maybe that will turn out to be the case here too.  I have enough of the denim pink orange mix to do the rest of the sock, and if that works, nobody is going to see the green and pink under the leg of my jeans anyway, so the finished socks could still be great.  If it doesn't work and I have to use my orange scraps to finish off the toes, that will be okay too. 

But only if nobody sees the pink and green part of the mix.


What I should do, of course, is rip back and knit the stripes I should have worked in the first place, but I haven't done that and I have snuck both socks onto the heel flap since I took these pictures.  I am knitting these socks for utility: to use up stash, to have another pair of midweight boot socks, and to calm myself down because You Know Why, Moving Edition.

And this is really what it comes down to, isn't it.  Some knitters work beautiful stitches and colour patterns into utilitarian knits simply for pride of the craft or love of the recipient.  And for other knitters, the beauty lies in the purpose served.  Believe me, there is a lot of beauty in yarns that can pull a grown woman down off the wall.

So: is it good to colourblock a sock with gorgeous, hopelessly mismatched yarns, or evil to waste their loveliness on a knit that doesn't do them credit?

I guess we'll find out soon.  Meanwhile: allow me to hope that your current favourite project is going a little more obviously well than mine.  See you tomorrow!

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