Wednesday, March 25, 2015

No, wait: maybe it's all about the warm

If today had a theme, it would be 'warm', because in between HVAC planning (heating, ventilation, and cooling for the lucky among you who don't know that acronym) I am reading a New Yorker article by Rebecca Mead featuring shearling-lined Birkenstocks.

It's actually making me want to buy a pair, even though

a/ I am a staunch Mephisto girl thanks to their footbed and my foot being a marriage made in heaven and

b/ the whole point of the shearling lining is to eliminate the need for socks.  What???

I can't even conceive of such a thing.  But I am pretty sure that the day shearling-lined Birkenstock boots hit the shelves, you will find me with a pair in one hand and my credit card in the other.  I am Canadian.

Today is a very warm day for March, but it's also rainy and grey, and I am glad to be inside at this moment even though I do have to dash out again for a bit very very soon.  As anticipated, the move downtown has me walking a lot more than I was, and I am putting some serious miles on the new Blundstone boots Pete bought me to replace the ones that broke (!! but after 10 years' hard use, so what do you expect.)  These boots are not lined at all, but a pair of mid-weight Stoddart boot socks fit inside nicely and have kept my toes toasty even on the very cold days we had in February.

This sort of thing is nice to think about, because it turns out we aren't going to have 100% heated floors in the new house after all - just in the basement, with ducts and forced air everywhere else.  And maybe some of a different heat delivery system for the bathroom floors because cold tile is only appealing in the summertime, have you noticed?

Just as well.  It would be weird for a girl as sock-obsessed as myself not to be justified in wearing said socks at home.

Okay - time to dash.  Hope you're well and having a lovely day wherever you are.  And tomorrow I'll show you more of that new bit of knitting up in the corner of that photo!

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