Friday, March 6, 2015

Birthday socks

Every year around this time I try to knit myself a birthday present (don't worry, it's not today!)

It's a good idea, don't you think?  I mean: not many knitters get knit for.  This year of course I've been Rather Occupied but a few days before the big day I found time to knit the second toe of my Geranium sock.  I was really glad I'd put in the time on them earlier because it's ages since I've had a chance to do anything nice for myself.

I was also glad I made them a little big - longer and wider than I'd normally do for myself.  This way they trap more heat and feel more like slippers.

Probably I could also slip another pair of slimmer socks underneath, if I was really cold.  I used to do that when I was getting bundled up to go out in too-big, unlined skates.  Did you?

There is a lot of purple going on here in the toe, and I found it more weird as I finished the second than when I had finished the first, but I am not complaining.  All three yarns are very soft and cosy and that's everything you want in a good thick boot sock.

And comfortable warm socks handknit by somebody who loves you?  That's everything you want in a birthday.

Hope you've had a good week and have a great weekend, and I will see you Monday!

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