Thursday, September 8, 2016

New yarn!

I don't consider myself a diehard shopper or a person who lives for retail therapy, but that might be denial.  I mean, I did just sign up for another round of the Vesper Sock Club yesterday.

I've been watching for a purple stripe yarn in the Vesper club so I can knit socks for Jan - Jan loves purple and wears no other colour - and what should show up in my mailbox last week but a second purple stripe yarn, right after last month's special?

I think I still like the first one better for Jan though - to recap in case you missed it last month, this one which is called 'Let's Dance':

because I love this one for me.  And as you know, I am a very selfish knitter, as contradictory as those two words are when paired.

Or maybe I'm not being selfish?  Because Jan favours bright outfits and I lean more toward muted, and in spite of that I really, really like Let's Dance, too, probably as much as I like Zoom!.  I think I might actually be thinking generously.  How unlike me.

Then today, in spite of the nonstop house-related purchasing, I found myself in the Eileen Fisher section of my local department store and got into a lot of trouble over silk tunics.  And some pants.  And a floaty Tshirt, sigh.

Part of the trouble is that Yvette recognizes me now and knows exactly what styles I am going to like, and another part of the trouble is that I am happiest wearing things that look like Stylish Grownup Person Outside Clothes but feel like pyjamas.  And how else can you describe Eileen Fisher's line?

I really need to stop shopping and start knitting though.  Even though it is 30 degrees Celcius outside today, and super humid, I spent about ten minutes looking at an elaborately felted scarf and a black cashmere poncho.  The last thing I need is to keel over, my credit card outstretched, onto stuff I could make with yarn I already have...

... except of course, I don't have black cashmere.  But I'm not saying that out loud.

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