Monday, November 14, 2016

All the socks and all the loose bits

And here we are, with a big bowl of handknit socks that need finishing.

It's a huge, huge comfort to know that the knitting is done for all these socks but the loose ends to run in take a few extra minutes that I always need to make myself sit down for, since I seem to be quite stubborn about not doing it as I go along.  I can't look at the fabric I'm running my needle through and watch TV at the same time, or read the news, or walk around.  It's audiobook (meh), chatting (if somebody's around), or just sitting still and concentrating.  Fortunately, this past week was the best possible time to sit still and concentrate on yarn moving through some nice, even stitches.

I mean it really was the most extraordinary and emotional few days there.  Watching America get out and vote, waiting for the election results, reacting to the election results.  I don't see how anybody in or out of the U.S., for or against whichever candidate, got through last week without intense emotions in one direction or another.  Too intense to expect them to clear up in a short time, and in fact, it looks like they're just getting more intense now, doesn't it.

So: knitting.  Thank goodness we have that.  I've noticed this skill crosses so many different world views, haven't you?  And it unites us to a point as well. Knitters are by definition creative, resourceful, and inclined to make productive use of our time, and that is a huge number of character traits to share.  We're generous too.  Well, you guys are - you already know I am very selfish and find it incredibly difficult to give my knitting away to other people.  But so many of you knit chemo caps for local hospitals, or knit presents for friends and family when it's not even an official sort of gift giving day.  Just for the sake of making something and sharing the love that went into it.

Even if we're different people and see things differently, which is to be expected given that we are different and live in different communities and have different life experiences, we all have quite a bit in common, like these three pairs of stripey socks.  The colours aren't the same, and neither is the energy that comes off the colour combinations, and in fact they aren't all the same size, but they are all socks.  They are all warm and soft, and they will all be loved for their excellent qualities, and great care went into the making of them by a lot of different people - from sheep to dyepot to needles.

You know, when I'm spinning fiber I think MAN this is a lot of trouble to go to for a warm head or hands or toes.  But when I look at these socks, which I knit almost effortlessly from self-striping yarn...

It's the same thing.  So many people had to have their hands on these socks before they were socks. And thanks to them, and my working with them, there will be a few more sets of warm feet this winter.  That's cooperation and collaboration, and that's something knitters have in our corner to get us through times like these.

I'm Canadian, and Hugs is meant to be a respite from current events be they inside or outside your home, so I don't feel it's my place to comment on what's happened.

Still... after a week of not knowing what to say instead, I felt it was time to come back and offer you something.  I hope you are, all of you, well.  And I hope you stay well, and I hope I will see you here again tomorrow.


Marianne said...

This has been a horrible time, well for me at least, I pray that cooler,wiser heads will prevail in the coming months. The emotional stress has become part of my knitting!! I decided last night that my stress and worries are to no avail,that said, this morning I have found a cheerful hat pattern and the perfect yarn from my stash. My mom has requested a silly hat or at least a cheerful color pattern as her gift from me this year. She will have the big pompon and the cute ear flaps with long icords of course pompons will have to be on the ends also! Lol!

Mary Keenan said...

Oh Marianne, I am so very sorry that you are living so much stress... but I do understand because even from this distance, I have found the stress of reading the news to range from unpleasant to downright overwhelming. Renovating the house is a walk in the park by comparison! Love the idea of all those pom poms on your mom's hat, heh. She's sure to spread cheerful smiles wherever she goes :^)