Saturday, January 14, 2023

At long last hat

 Finally, I can show you a picture of the hat I'm still knitting:


not because it's finished (it's very much not)

and not because it snowed here (though that certainly did make a nice contrast and reminded me why I really should get this small accessory done and blocked.)

It's because I remembered to take one! and then several more. Here's one that illustrates how wrinkled a hat can get if it sits neglected in a cloth bag for too long.

I've adapted one of my own patterns for this project - the Hatcowl - because of all my designs it seems to be the one most flattering on my particular head. And I'm using some Viola sock yarn I bought probably ten years ago, because I finally accepted I was never, ever going to use it for socks. Not that Viola sock yarn doesn't knit up nicely for use in that way, but this particular colourway is so delicious I wanted to use it on something more visible, which would need less washing. 

You'd think this combination of motives would have me knitting up this simple pattern in no time, instead of three or four years, wouldn't you? Ah, but there is another factor:

When I cast on, all I had in the correct size in my arsenal of knitting needles was this very pointy lace-tip circular set. And you know what, I'm really not a lace tip girl. Or at least, my fingertips are not. Probably I should knit with thimbles on. 

Meanwhile, we are back to genuinely wintery weather and it would be very nice to have a new hat to wear.

I'm not sure if we'll manage it this week, because of the snow that's masking icy patches, but I've been getting out for regular walks with a high-school friend who drives into Toronto for appointments nearby, and has a gap long enough to allow it if the weather also permits. Here's a creek we crossed a few days ago:

It was very grey weather, my favourite for walking. I love the way those trees cross each other over the water, though one of them looks as though it's about to fall in altogether.

Here's the same creek, from another spot.


It strikes me that what I like about these two photographs - the quiet tones and rich textures - are much like what I like about my Viola hat yarn. Harmonious and varied both at the same time.

Harmonious and varied sounds like a perfect sort of day, doesn't it? I hope the next few of yours fit that description and that we see each other again here next weekend. In the meantime, I will try to brave those pointy needles and get more of my hat finished. Wish me luck!

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