Saturday, May 6, 2023

Sock it to me

Ugh, such a terrible pun - but after a few days of polishing my second Debut Dagger submission, it was relaxing to get back to these new socks and make some progress.

I am very grateful I entered this writing competition with a completed manuscript! You can do it with just the first few pages of a novel, plus a detailed summary of everything that's going to happen, but if you make the longlist you then need to produce another ten pages from later in the story and send them in on about a week's notice. I mean, I am an unusually fast writer, so in theory I would have been okay. But it's wise to revise those pages as well and that takes time and distance, thought and objectivity. 

Those pens pictured with my socks got a SERIOUS workout this week, let me tell you. But: I've sent in my pages now. That has freed me to take a break to help a friend with her manuscript, and make progress on this small gift for Autumn-Edition Mary, who will doubtless appreciate my having made these beauties in spring. 

One of them is almost ready for the heel flap! Always an exciting moment.

I noticed something different about this yarn, which is maybe that it's a slightly lighter weight than my old Vesper sock yarn. It's definitely dyed a little differently. It's almost rustic, the way the colour changes are slightly staggered and include some white spots at the transition.

A nice feature to go with these colours, I feel.

Another nice feature: glamour shot potential. I always like to have a look at a sock lying flat like this, so you can see the real substance of the fabric. So squishy and nice. Probably nicer still once it's finished and had a bath, so the stitches can all settle into neat and tidy loops.

This sort of angle appeals to me too, what about you? Like a tiny sock hug.


Well, that's it for me this week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend - see you again next Saturday!

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