Saturday, June 10, 2023

Baby bird

We had an extremely cute visitor this week and I got the best photos I could manage, which is to say, they are not great, but you'll get the idea.

resting birdface

I had no idea what this bird was. Pete thought 'robin' but it was way too big, and all the wrong shape, plus all the wrong colours, so I looked it up and he was right - only it's a baby!

baby bird caught us staring

I have never, ever seen a baby robin in feathers, and it was super exciting that this one stayed on our deck for about half an hour - on the arm of a chair, and later in the shrub that borders the south side. The mother bird eventually turned up on the grass below, with a second baby bird hopping along after her for worm treats, which she sourced and delivered. SO. CUTE. 

(I did not get pictures of the sib.)

(I also did not get a picture of our bird when it saw us staring and opened its beak RIGHT up in case we were going to give it something. I have never seen anything so yellow.)

The mother bird was much smaller than her babies, because boy those baby feathers are fluffy.

resting birdface after discovering
the humans in the window were not worm delivery


The other nice thing that happened this week was the cover reveal for the second anthology I am in this year. Isn't it a beaut?

I really, really love this cover...
especially the blues, and the watery red ring!

 It's even got watercolour on it, how perfect is that? This anthology is part of this year's Bouchercon mystery convention, so it features the event's special guests - C.J. Box, Ann Cleeves, and Naomi Hirahara - as well as other writers like me, with story ideas to set in or around San Diego.

It won't be released till August 30th this year but is available for pre-order directly from the publisher, Down & Out Books, or from Amazon. I'm putting a link to that on to the sidebar as well.

I had knitting plans for this week, but my hands were too busy on the keyboard, so I didn't get to a photograph-able place. Maybe next week? A girl can hope.

Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful week after a fantastic weekend - see you again next Saturday!

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