Saturday, June 3, 2023

Come and watch some paint dry

After all the excitement of the last few weeks, I don't have much to offer you today. Let's start our nothing time with a look at the darning threads malingering on my desk, instead of magically fixing holes in socks for me while I sleep:

By contrast, our tiny home is coming along super fast. By the time I post this it will probably have interior wall finishes up, but let's make do with this earlier-in-the-week photo of the exterior insulation and windows.

The double window toward the left side will be over the sink!

It's amazing to think that this place, which has existed in my head as a fully finished kind of clubhouse, will be something I can step into, on site, in just a few more weeks. 

We're not likely to have water at that point, however. We haven't been able to get a call back from anybody who does wells.

Also we now realize we have to have the site graded into a level surface. This is where I'm really happy you need the same equipment for foundations, septic beds, and grading and retaining walls: one contractor can do it all, and our contractor is good at it to boot.


Meanwhile, things at home are green and leafy - bucolic even:

The leafy bower in the corner of the yard,
where one might lie in a hammock to read a novel
if one wasn't busy sitting in a chair writing one

 Pete's current round of grass seed has been no match for the clover and wild violets, but I'm happy for Not Mud.

By contrast, there's been shrinkage in the stack of stone in the driveway (a local landscaping business puts its overage out on the curb for neighbours' use, always a thrill)... 


Pete takes a little with him every time he goes to the property where the tiny home will go, because we're going to use it to make a patio or maybe even paths around a kitchen garden. I have a terrible feeling it's going to be me doing this job, so I'm trying to stretch out my leg muscles now. Every time I set out a stone path it's like they retract by fifty percent or more.

And the white flowers on our neighbours' rosehip-like shrub are in full bloom, which means they are also dropping their adorable heart-shaped petals:

Warm feelings and happy thoughts among the debris, is how I see them.

I hope you've had a wonderful week since last time - see you next Saturday!

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