Saturday, July 8, 2023

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I have been hard at work writing this week, which means I have been procrastinating heavily online this week.

When I am writing, all my other interests come crowding in.
Like, look guys, she's awake! Let's play!
It is so inconvenient.

One of my tasks this year is to work up some enthusiasm to participate in social media, so some of my dawdling is done on various sites to see what might appeal. It's not coming easily to me. I suppose I might just not bother in the end, but I'm conscious the right space might allow me to pursue a fresh form of creativity, and that would be fun. Mostly though, I just keep drifting back to YouTube.

YouTube: a leafy path to anywhere.

The algorithms there just really GET me. Interior design, things to cook in a skillet, rescue animals finding safe haven with loving, lucky humans, tiny toddlers inadvertently leading a dance class, unlikely adults killing it in a dance class, hilarious Carol Burnett sketches, carpentry experts building cabins in snowy woods, perfect writing music (and yes, sometimes it's playing against the backdrop of a cafe on a rainy night), people sewing elaborate garments cut from linen and wool - you know what I mean. It's endless riches.

I do have to ration the sewing videos though as I am very quickly filled with envy and self-loathing for not installing an elevated cutting table when we renovated our house. Or insisting on a dedicated, gorgeously-appointed sewing room.

Also, it would be risky to reignite my interest in sewing my own clothes. I did it for quite a while before I drifted into knitting, even to the extent of a Chanel-style suit and my own wedding dress, so I am well-versed in that rabbit hole. No writing happens in there.

Meanwhile, our tiny home has arrived at its rural home.

It's pretty much sitting there like a stack of building supplies, unconnected to anything and without a permit to be installed, but the permit should be coming in the next week or two and then it's Septic Bed And Ground Screw Party Time! 

That's right. We are fancy and getting flush toilets. Or one of them, anyway.  And instead of a concrete foundation which would take a while to cure and is likely to crack over time, we are having helical piles driven into the soil. These are basically giant screws made from galvanized metal, inserted far enough down into the ground for the house to remain totally stable, even when we launch into spontaneous dance parties. 

From the inside, looking out

Still no progress on the well, but even without running water the time is fast approaching when I will have to sew a lot of drapes and furniture skirts and throw pillow covers. Probably the home textile production will cure me of any desire to sew a linen tunic with dropped shoulders, but you never know. It might be a gateway project.

Let's leave today's look at the house with one more view from inside. Since it's not in it's final position the actual trees will change... I believe there will be more of them, as well. I don't know about you but I can never have too many trees to look at.

The banquette against this window
folds down into a twin bed...
or do I mean writing chaise?

It's a lot of white walls in there, but I've found that's best for the way we live. I'm a textile fanatic so drapes are a thing, we have a huge slew of bright red vintage stuff to bring in, everyone but me reads their books in paper form, and there's a lot of art and other things from the cottage needing a home. After the dark brown panels in the cottage, it was time to bring in the light.

Hope you've had a wonderful week, whether you spent it living your own life or enjoying another's vicariously on everyone's favourite Tube! See you back here again next Saturday.


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