Saturday, May 25, 2024

See in you July

It's been a scrape, but I finally committed time to complete a May knit! and once I've shown you, I'm going to burrow into a cave for a month to finish my current manuscript. When I come back the first Saturday in July, the first draft will be complete, and a June project will be too. Yes, I'm manifesting. If I say it, it'll happen, right? 

So here we go:

How wrinkly is that left hand sock with the cast-on tail still lingering, ugh. This is the pair of socks I started years ago and took to the heel flap before I realized one - Left Sock - was missing a stitch the whole way down the leg. Or maybe two stitches, I don't remember now. What I do know is that I was paralyzed over whether I should add the missing stitch/es back in or rip back and fix it. And eventually, I picked 'fix it.' Hence the wrinkles. 

Weirdly, I took the time to run in the cast-off tail at the toe, but didn't bother to deal with this bit. So bear with me while I tackle it once and for all.

Boy that looks messy. And it took me longer to untangle the knot that got into the temporary tail wrap than it did to run in the end, too. Yeesh! 

But it is done, and that's good enough for this girl.

Ouch. It still looks kinda messy, and it's right on the front, too. I must've erred up after I ripped back, and put my start-of-round in the wrong place. Note to self: don't wear these ones with a skirt. 

And here they are, all done. A welcome spot of brightness on a rainy day.

They still need a bath to settle those stitches but they feel nice on, as handknit socks do. In fact I might be having difficulty persuading myself to remove them for this purpose, ahem.

Okay then, I'm off into the depths of my latest crime novel, with high hopes that it'll be The One. Or maybe the next one will be The One... but I still have to finish this one to get to it. Wish me luck. Thanks so much for coming by today, and have a marvellous June!

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