Friday, January 21, 2011

Simple knits

I am really enjoying just knitting lately - plain ol' knit stitch. Let the yarn do the work. Close your eyes if you want and put your hands on autopilot.

Seriously, the other night I was so tired I was nodding off while still knitting my handspun scarf.

It's been frogged twice since the picture I took the other day on my 5mm needle attempt. I think now at 20 stitches on 8mm needles, it's going to work out, if only as a short scarf:

How I know is that I'm not even halfway through the yarn I have. Yay!

Another yay: how I'm getting through the suspense while I wait for February 1 and the first packet from the Biscotte club.

This is yarn I bought from Louise when I saw her in September, and it's such a pleasure to knit (it's her supple-soft Felix, which has a little nylon in it for strength. If you click the link, just scroll down to see the colours in stock.)

I'm practicing my customized toe-up design, and I'd intended to put a pattern onto the foot, but then it occurred to me: why gild the lily? Or in this case the bright multi stripings. Love how the yarn keeps going back to green, don't you?

Simple knitting: when life is busy, there just isn't anything finer.

(unless you count eating really amazing chocolate ice cream while somebody else cleans the bathroom.)

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