Monday, January 31, 2011

Sock hop

Lots of busy and bustle this weekend getting ready for a particularly busy bustle-y day today so what knitting there was, was all about the legs of my stocking stitch Biscottes:

I kept hopping from one to the other so that as I
knit knit knit
around and around
I didn't get a 16" leg on one and a 2" on the other.

I am almost up to my usual length now, and I have quite a lot of yarn left there don't I. I'm thinking perhaps I might go as long as possible, add in a calf gusset and keep on going until the yarn runs out.

Of course that would mean throwing in some purl stitches here and there which sort of spoils the knit knit knit speediness I am enjoying so much about these socks.

I will ponder this I think during today's bustling and keep you posted on any exciting developments

(because what is more exciting than a long pair of socks?)

(yes, you're quite right, I am showing signs of needing a holiday.)

(involving knitting and chocolate.)

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