Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A very dull girl

The last few days have been nonstop work helping my mum to move house so: no playtime (apart from some sewing projects with the little felted wool hearts I have been cutting out. Can't show you now, but - cute!)

I do have a knitting story for you though.

Yesterday was the actual moving day, involving my sock-friendly uninsulated boots plus a long wait for a bus at icy temperatures. I knew I couldn't pull this off without wool socks, and guess who was too busy to wash any? Guess what was the only pair left in the sock cubby?

Yes. The socks I knit for mum but made too tight for her.

I did not want to do it, but I wore them, debating whether or not to tell her they'd been planned for her, should she notice them.

And you know what?

She didn't!

Mum always notices my socks, or anything else I make - two minutes into any visit she's reaching for whatever it is to take a closer look or feel the fiber or investigate the technique. She didn't spot these even when I had to kick off my boots to climb onto a chair and take down one set of drapes or later, when I did the same thing to hang another.

So I think it's good I had to keep them after all; while I love the colour, it must have been far too subtle a choice for her. And they sure did help me out on a busy day, keeping me warm and comfy for the duration. Thank you, mis-knit socks!

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