Monday, February 21, 2011


The government where I live has declared today a holiday called 'Family Day', which is also known by me as "Mary Gets To Do Whatever She Wants Day."  Hopefully what I want will not include, as the past three or so weeks of scrap moments here and there have included, the overwhelming desire to do things for others and/or clean stuff. 

Just yesterday for example I was being briefly virtuous about going out and getting healthy food, anticipating many afternoon hours devoted to all things knitting, until I foolishly stopped into a big discount department store located a few doors from the grocer's where I spotted a fabulous quilt/pillow sham set I could not pass up.  Cue the furniture moving (since the quilt had to be shown to best advantage) and consequent cleaning and massive purging of accumulated paper and the surprise laundry. By the time I was done I was ready to fall onto the darned thing for the night.  No knitting.

Earlier in the weekend I did go over my works-in-progress pile though. 

(I do wish I had some more attractive arrangement for this... Amanda Soule uses a basket apparently, which goes with her everywhere and looks very pretty though I suspect it is too bulky for my rapid transit lifestyle.)

I cleared away the remnants from my Winter Garden Hat and Graduated Ribs Hat projects, and resigned myself to not working on a hat that would combine qiviut with some brightly coloured fingering - I don't have a pattern in mind yet anyway, and by the time I'd be done it would probably be a week before the weather warmed up enough not to need a qiviut hat. 

I frogged much of my handspun scarf, not being happy with some bulgy bits I hadn't paid close enough attention to as I went along (this is the nice thing about knitting - you get to rewrite history, if you're willing to sacrifice a little time) and put away some fiber I'd left out to be tempting, which it's being more of now that I can't see it (which suggests another interesting relationship with Life, don't you think?)

And that leaves me with:

Socks, socks, and a mariner sweater! A mariner sweater that I've decided to leave with battle scars intact, incidentally, if only to allow myself to move on already.

I will probably not be working on any of them today though.  Because this is Do What I Want Day, remember? and what I want is to get the swatches for some project proposals done and blocked, and the draft sample for an accepted project knit and tried on for size, and if there's still time left... a little spinning.  On the spindle.

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