Friday, February 4, 2011


In the extreme cold we've been having all I care about is keeping my feet warm, which explains why all my other projects currently pale in comparison to the joy and splendour of my wool/mohair boot socks. They are thick like a castle wall if it was made of butter, they weigh a ton, and the mohair has no itch factor whatsoever. Can you blame me?

There is one small catch with this otherwise fabulous yarn and that is the yardage. As in, there isn't enough in one skein to do two socks. Two feet, yes. And then you have to do a contrast cuff.

So here are the candidates this time:

Green handspun I haven't finished spinning yet, which is just enough off to clash (bad) and will delay the wearing of these socks (unthinkable) or

Bluey purple BFL from a Fleece Artist kit that will probably still work if I use some of it for this cuff.

You have to look closely, but there are in fact flecks of this exact blue in amongst the pinks and purples, and also, the blue is the same weight as the wool/mohair blend.

I think we have a winner!

(Or not, because there is something very peculiar transpiring about these socks, I can feel it. My plan is to ignore it for a few days while I work on something else in case it goes away. I'll tell you about it when it does, or if it doesn't and I have to face it. And I hope it's not the latter.)

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