Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's a testament to the crazy that I totally missed yesterday being February 1, aka the day I got to open the first package from this season's Biscotte club. When I finally figured it out, yay! But I was in the middle of stuff, so I made myself wait another half hour while I got it done. I'm Stoic like that, you know.

Okay, maybe not so much Stoic as easily distracted because I had to move stuff in mid-stuff, and came across some vintage knitting pattern books given me by a friend and had to stop to look, and then photograph one in particular.

All the patterns in this booklet are awesome in their basic-ness. They'd do a brilliant job showcasing some of the gorgeous yarns available today that weren't back then; I've set the book aside to give one of them a go later on.

But what the heck is that woman looking at? Her eyes are practically bugging out!

She wasn't the only one - I was much the same when I finally got my Biscotte package open:

Wowza! That's actually two separate skeins, for the wildest, most cheery-uppy-in-winter socks you can possibly imagine and then some (Ravelry link - and if you can't connect to it, then imagine some seriously wild socks and rest assured they are wilder than that, even.)

And to complete the three-things cycle, I got a call to confirm I would in fact be home to receive flowers. That sure doesn't happen every day.

Allow me to leave you for the day with one last vintage knit image:

Seriously, what on earth did they put off-camera?

(and yes, I'm totally knitting that blue cardi.)

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Kathleen Taylor said...

Oh wow! Those socks are amazing! I can't wait to watch you knit them.

I think the fella in the bottom picture looks like he's doing the Bathroom Dance...