Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend reading

It's been an exciting week for mail, but the highlight was definitely receiving my copy of Fearless Fair Isle Knitting:

I knew this would be a hugely informative, priority-for-the-reference-shelf book because I have several of Kathi's other books and because I read the introductory chapter while knitting the sample I was assigned for it. I also knew the photographs would be stunning because I've seen a few on Kathi's blog.  But in person? whoa.

More than the sum of its parts.

First we have to get out of the way the mandatory visit to the sample I knit.  I haven't seen it in such a long time, after living with it for weeks!

There are a lot of full-page photographs in this book, but I wasn't prepared for a full-page closeup.  I am so grateful I was careful about my stitches.

So very grateful.  Two closeups?  and oh, look, you can see how I stitched on the fasteners!  I spent some serious time deciding on the prettiest way to get them on - good thing too.

This book falls easily into the top ten of the most beautiful knitting books I own.  It's so peaceful - nice large size, lots of white space, stunning photography - and there are lots of good reasons to keep going back to it, from the easy Fair Isle tricks I mentioned to the inspiration potential.  This is one of those books with a lifestyle element, as in...

... if I knit and wear these mittens, I am totally going to feel like I'm agile and in a lovely place working with gleaming materials to some organically satisfying purpose.  (I'm also going to be using up leftover yarn from a larger project, because Kathi is nothing if not practical.)

The book is full of patterns I want to make, from the vest on the cover, which I would cast on for right now if I had the yarn in the house,

to this hat, which I think would solve the problem of what Christmas item to make for a guy for whom I've already made a lot of things and need to come up with something that's special for reasons other than fiber (hard to top qiviut) or length of time (one word: ManSocks.)

Oh, and these fingerless gloves.

I love the idea of eating something as delicious-looking as that sandwich on a cool-day picnic this spring, or next fall, don't you?

(and you know what? I have lightweight wool in pretty much those exact colours in my stash right now.  h'mmmm.  maybe this post should be called 'weekend knitting', not 'reading'?)


Kathleen Taylor said...

Your work is totally ready for a close-up! You did such a fantastic job, and the book is so much better for your help! Thank you so much!

Brendaknits said...

Congratulations on the published knitting. You do wonderful work.