Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Now that my clockworky thing is fixed and I've worn it as a poncho under a coat and was in fact able to close the loose part around my neck as a scarf,

I need a matching hat.

So I frogged the last attempt, which was just way too short and tight - what was I thinking? - and got going on a redo, which currently looks like this:

One thing I will say: pairing a solid colour with a self-striping yarn striped with a colour the same as the solid and then trying to knit a chart with it is not one of my brightest ideas. On the other hand any mistakes I got in those patches of two matching yarns won't show, right?

I enjoy stranding. It's very peaceful, letting the two colours move as you knit so you're catching the right one at the right time. It's like the kind of dancing in a costume drama, the name for which I'm sure I could recall if I hadn't just got up and not had any caffeine yet.

Anyway I am really hoping to get this hat done fast, because it looks like it will be warm, and we are having another big run of snow and icy temperatures this week.

I wonder whether I will ever remember that winter, while motivating, is not the best time to be knitting a hat, but rather wearing one you knit back in the warmer days of fall? I should be rotating my ideas like those strands of colour, summer knits in cold weather, winter knits in the heat.

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