Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Knitter's Frolic: black and white and read all over

After I bought all the shiny new colours of romney/mohair yarn at the Stoddart booth at this year's Knitter's Frolic, I went to look for Japanese stitch dictionaries at the Needle Arts Book Shop.

Naturally, the consequence was the purchase of an adorable pin with hardly any colour at all:

Okay, seriously, just try to tell me you would have turned down this happy prancing sheep.  While looking me in the eyes, thankyouverymuch.

The pin was a last minute impulse purchase though; I'd been resisting it for several minutes.  The previous impulse purchase that weakened me enough to give in was this cute trio of zebra buttons (which are round, incidentally, but rolled around on their shanks when I tried to take their picture):

I have no idea what I will sew these onto, since I haven't knit a cardigan in forever, but sometimes you just have to not think twice about things.  I did think very hard about stitch dictionaries though and yay! I scored a new one:

These books are always a little daunting, because there is no English inside: you have to make do with charts and illustrations and a few symbols.

And why does one go through all that, you might ask?  Because the stitches are so adorable.


Meanwhile, I have been knitting (sadly, not Stoddard socks, but soon), so next time I should have some new stitchy stuff to show you.  Do take care of yourself today and if you get to fit in some knitting, I hope it goes swimmingly without the slightest bit of ripping back.  Not that this is a hint as to how things are going for me, ahem.  See you tomorrow!

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