Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Knitting stew

Yesterday I was supposed to get a lot of sensible productive things done in my 'free' time, but when I looked at the list again over a cup of tea I decided to be irresponsible and just finish off a lot of knitting instead.

Okay, I did do a couple of loads of laundry and I think one other urgent thing (or not, since I can't remember anything else I accomplished except for putting away the pantry-type groceries that had been sitting on the counter for a few days, does that count?) BUT mostly it was sewing on a button, grafting the toes of some long-finished socks, finishing the toe of a nearly finished sock, and running in a whole mess of ends.

Also, because the laundry I did was lying on top of it, I pulled out the scarf I knit from my very first remotely-viable handspun way back in the day.  I'm pretty sure it went into the laundry at least a year ago and I've been ignoring it, probably because I'm so embarrassed that it looks like its sides were traced out by a seasick person not very much enjoying his or her first go on a unicycle.

This time instead of ignoring it, I tried it on, and you know what?

With the right outfit, I think the bumps and lumps and wavy bits would just look arty.  So now it's in a different laundry basket (the handknit sock one, no less) and maybe I will get it sorted before fall.

There were a few ends to run in on the scarf, and then I ran in ends and grafted toes on some long-suffering socks...

and then just before bed I sorted out one more pair of nearly-finished socks, and now I feel mostly human again... at least where the mounds of unfinished knitting on my work table are concerned.

Actually though, what I really want is to sit down and get working on a book.  And frankly: why not?  The taxes are done, the trip is done, the laundry is almost done - what's to stop me?  Yeah, I don't know either, but it's been a week now and something seems to come up every day, so I am guessing I'm not quite ready yet.  Meanwhile: I've cast on some very pretty legwarmers, so at least I'll be entertained why I mull the whole thing.

Tomorrow I have to show you something about Italy, not least because I won't have any new knitting to show you instead.  But also: Italy!  So have a great rest-of-the-day, and I'll see you then.

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