Friday, April 19, 2013

Sweet colour inspirations (Warning: knitting ahead)

I swear it was the colour persuasion that made me buy candy in Italy:

But honestly, can you blame me?

(those things that look like blackberries and raspberries?  they are actually the most insanely fresh jujubes you ever had, rolled in tiny coordinating sugar balls.)

Other amazing colour combos:

Orange and pinky purple - baby-friendly breakfast cookies I grabbed too few of when I thought we would be leaving for the airport to come home well before the hotel restaurant opened for the day, and am now hunting for more of while blessing Toronto for having so very much Little Italy.

Peach and bright yellow - zingy packaging for the grapefruit soda I got hooked on in Florence and am also hunting for here at home.

Egg white and yolk?  This is actually mango gelato paired with lemon, not quite close enough to Italian gelato to compete but the best I can do so far.

Tone on tone pinks - more fruity gelato, which is pretty darned fab.

White and pink - again with the gelato: but this time vanilla.

Omigosh, the latest Vesper sock club combo, which arrived while I was away. And - seriously?  After all this time??? 

Yep: finished my Easter Peeps socks this week.  YAY

Time to get yarn winding to cast on the next pair (or... yeah, I guess I could graft some toes and run in some more ends or something.  Sure.)

Hope this makes you think of some yummy combos in your yarn stash, and doesn't just make you crave candy.  Have a great weekend guys, I'll see you Monday!

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