Friday, February 7, 2014

Bright stripey legwarmers

File this under 'things mostly finished but not quite enough to wear out': bright stripey wool legwarmers.


I knit these all summer long from two skeins of Twisted Fiber Art merino on the Playful base thinking they would be a great asset in the cold grey weather of January.  And my goodness, they are cheery.

With long boots, I can pull them up over my knee.

With short boots, I can tuck them right in and they're still long enough to go over the bend.

I worked from top to bottom because decreases leave less of a hole than increases do, and I wanted to make a flat fabric that narrows from top to bottom.  These changes in stitch count are hardly visible at all, don't you think?  

And even though they don't completely clash with my warm green hat I do have some matching green yarn for a hat that will be dead-on perfect.

But there is one little catch.


Seriously, and no, I can't believe it.  I was in denial about it when I saw a hole in some socks I knit at the cottage, and then when the tails of the legwarmers appeared to have disintegrated, but when I saw this hole I knew the truth: some northern moths found us over those precious few days at the lake.  (Fortunately, by this time I'd left them and the socks and all the extra yarn in the freezer for a few weeks, just in case.  except that I think the freezer treatment is for bedbugs, isn't it?)

Shortly thereafter I found this hole as well.

So: before I can wear these officially, I have to do some darning.  Which means - given my track record on that kind of needlework - I have some time to knit a hat.

And find the moths, because I saw one flying in the basement near my yarn stash just the other day, and that is terrifying.  Immediately after stomping it I went through every speck of yarn I own, which took rather a long time and produced some reflections of its own (like: knit the stash for heaven's sake!)  Though there was no sign of damage to any of the very few yarns and fabrics I don't keep in Ziploc bags, I put those few into Ziplocs of their own and set them aside.  Hopefully they won't serve as a birthing ground for  a new generation of moths but if the worst happens at least they'll be contained.

Ugh, moths.  I've always had a kindly feeling toward them since I read Girl Of The Limberlost as a child, but honey, do not get between me and my wool.

Hope the moths stay well away from your house and all your yarn too, and that you have a great weekend.  I'm planning some Valentine's treats for you next week so I hope to see you then!


Leslie said...

Horrors! I bought some cedar chips in cloth bags (they came sewed up that way) from Amazon that I've stowed all over my yarn stash. I'm hoping that it discourages any 6 legged creatures, though we don't seem to have the same kind of moth problem in south Mississippi as y'all do up north.

Jezz said...

The little wretches! Those leg warmers are sooo cute, and you in them, so I hope you persevere through the darning. Freezing does work--you did the right thing.

Mary Keenan said...

Ohhh, thanks Jezz... that is REALLY reassuring because I've been afraid to take them out of their plastic cases for the darning! soon.
Leslie, cedar chips scattered through the bags is a great idea for a double-layered security system, must try it :^)