Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Handwarmers on a snowy day

Before I gave these knitted handwarmers to Richard, I thought I would like to have some pictures of them... and of the crazy snowfall that happened as I finished them off.

This is a really lovely pattern - Ferryboat Mitts from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas - and it knits up very quickly on DK weight yarn.  You know it's a great gift when you want to keep it!

But I don't mind letting them go.  I do have enough left from these skeins of Viola merino-cashmere blend to make a second pair, and I'm so close to finishing some fingerless gloves for myself.  Oddly, though I've knit many a pair, I can't seem to find the only ones I made for myself.   I've really needed some this winter, too, as it's chilly inside the house as well as outside.

Mine won't have this cute thumb detail though.

Richard is a writer, and I particularly like the idea of making fingerless gloves for writers because their hands are so important for transferring their words to paper or screen.  Also because my own writing space is right in front of a frosty window, and it's hard for me to remember that other people might not get as cold as I do when I work.

which, sadly, is not often.

I do a lot of thinking about writing though, over cups of tea.  Plotting and scheming.

Hopefully someday I'll get a long enough run of time to collect them all in my hands, but until then, at least I can express them in textile form.  And that's a good deal better (and cosier!) than nothing.

Hope you get to stay nice and warm today and I'll see you tomorrow!

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