Monday, February 24, 2014

Sometimes knitting takes faith

Not too long ago, Lynn sent me a link to a quick pattern she thought I might like.  She was right, and in a weak moment when I realized I had bonus time in my schedule, I dug out some yarn leftovers and cast on.

Sometimes you just have to be optimistic about a project like this, because what it looks like in-progress might not bear any similarity to the picture on the pattern.

Also, it might require extras like embroidery to get closer to the stated objective.  Or maybe something not like embroidery that, if you're me, you're just too lazy to do when you already have a yarn tail in there just asking to be used for something.

It's a good thing I got out to Stitch for irresponsible shopping in January though, isn't it?  Because I really needed super thin felted wool for this project.  Also a good thing: the fact that I picked white felt.

We're not going to talk about how long I spent sewing the felt on with black scrap yarn, because I will cry.  I just don't have the skills to embroider two things that have to look the same, like eyes - you know, you have to bring your needle through the fabric at just the right angle and one slip results in a completely different expression than what you were aiming for, to say nothing of how fragile a small circle of wool felt can be.  In the end I had to ditch one white circle entirely and start over. 

(Let's also not talk about why I keep trying to make two things that look the same, each with two eyes on them.  Why not two different things?  Why not, Mary??)

Anyway, I did get there with the embroidery, which led to the moment when I could feel very sensible for not having been emotionally equipped to toss the short scraps left over from trimming the ends of a woven scarf or three.

Probably I'm just making a moth's nest putting this much wool together, but on upside, yarn scraps as stuffing are super squishy and environmentally friendly.

Still.  Are we thinking Veggie Tales at this point?  Because I am totally thinking Veggie Tales.

Never mind - one must have faith in one's knitting.

You close the top of these things with Kitchener Stitch, which makes a lovely finish.

and: voila!


No?  Not owls?  Okay, maybe rocks with red pants on?  How about little fire demons?  Or maybe, getting back to the Veggie Tales idea, aging red peppers with faces on?

Eh, I messed up, but I still think they're cute.  And each one makes a great stress ball - must remember to throw one into my purse before my next dental appointment. 

Pattern: Owl Puffs, by Jenna Krupar
Yarn Scraps: DK weight wool, DK weight wool/cashmere blend
Needles: 3.00mm square needles for a nice tight fabric
Stuffing: DK weight scrap yarn

Hope you had a lovely and refreshing weekend, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Leslie said...

Really adorable! Great job...and I can't see any mess up!

Mary Keenan said...

Well, let's just say they don't look as much like owls as the ones in the pattern do ;^) I do love them though, and they are so SOFT.

UmmRania said...

Freaking ADORABLE! I love them!

Jezz said...

When I read "stress," "throw" and "dental," my next thought was--yeah! You don't like what the dentist is doing? Throw that little knitted fire demon (owl puff)at 'em.

Mary Keenan said...

And it's so fun to prop them up in unexpected places around the living room UmmRania ;^)

Mary Keenan said...

Jezz, you're a genius - so much better than hiding a fire demon in my hand for the duration ;^)

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Eh...not seeing OWL so much, but I like 'em! Thanks for making me smile.....oh no, can't resist.....must apologize in advance....
(Please forgive me. It really was too hard to resist.)

Mary Keenan said...

oh OW Stacy!!