Saturday, September 19, 2015

A knitting nest needs flowers

Every Saturday there is a bonus food market at the St. Lawrence Market, and all summer long we drove past it, already busy at 7am, on our way to the cottage.  Honestly the whole exterior is gorgeous, its stalls piled high with enormous carrots and cabbages and leeks and you name it, but I was always longing to stop at the flower stall.  This week, I got my chance!

I had to have these giant pink beauties.  I have no idea what they are called, and they are dropping petals already, but oh my goodness I love them.

This is what I carried home, complete with ladybug:

And this is what I used for vases, having realized too late that I gave away all our actual vases in the move, except for two that are still holding plant cuttings I need to pot, oops.  Oh, and the one I keep my straight knitting needles in (everyone does that, right?) 

I bought one at the church rummage sale near our house, and the other, the one with oranges, at the Sunday market (antiques and collectibles) after we got the condo.  I never did know what to do with these guys other than admire them. 

Okay, actually, I do have two of the orange ones.  What was I going to do, buy one and leave the other behind in the store?  Not with all those cool oranges and lush green leaves I wasn't.  Plus they were half price - the shop owner was doing a big clearout.

Yeah... well, my cousin brought me flowers yesterday, but I didn't want that to delay my flower market spree.

I also bought food at the market, including quite a few peaches and nectarines.  I thought I had run out of non-essential vintage mixing bowls for holding fruit, because I have been keeping bowls on the table for lemons and apples and pears, but then I remembered this one.

Dang, no excuse now to buy more bowls at tomorrow's Sunday Market.  Rats!

And oh, who am I kidding?  You don't want a bowl of peaches and nectarines in your knitting nest.  You'd just want to eat them, and then you'd get the juice all over your project.  Much better to have flowers.

Hope you have something pretty to look at this weekend!  and I'll see you Monday.


Linda said...

Love your "vases"! I've been known to use some out of the norm ones for my flowers (when I buy flowers that is) - but that makes it all even more fun!

Linda in VA

Mary Keenan said...

Flowers make a great excuse for putting cool looking vessels out on the table don't they Linda ;^)