Monday, September 28, 2015

Never ending gift socks

Remember when I had that great idea to have my cousin's Christmas present ready in time to send it back to England with her at the end of her visit home?  Well, I finally made it to the first toe.

That would be exciting if I was anywhere near the second toe...

but wait, I am!  I've actually started the second toe!

Also, these socks are long enough.  I had the foresight to make her take her shoes off so I could trace her foot when she was over at the condo a couple of weeks ago, and as a result I know for sure that as long as I make her socks half an inch longer than my feet, they'll fit.

Here's the catch: she's leaving again in five days, and I really wanted to send her husband's Christmas socks home with her too.

These are DK weight socks, so you know as well as I do that I have just enough time to do both pairs, run in the ends, block them, air dry them, and wrap them up for her to tuck into her suitcase at the airport just before she goes through to the departures lounge.

But it would be really, really tight, and I really, really want to get the first draft of my novel polished up too. So I've decided to make her socks the big project for this week...

... and let Canada Post take care of the delivery part for me after all.  Ugh, it pains me even to type it.  Maybe I should push through with the man socks after all.  ARg.

Do I need to decide right now?   Would it be enough just to graft a toe?

Maybe if I just do that much, I'll be so overcome with a compulsion to finish both pairs of socks that I will make it happen in spite of the siren call of my novel.

Wish me luck either way and have yourself a great day tomorrow!

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