Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Things to do on the subway

Normally I try to be still and unhurried when I am picking up stitches for a sock gusset, but now that we are living away from the house, if I have to commute at all it's one long subway ride instead of a subway/bus combo.  So there's time to do silly things like pick up stitches for a sock gusset,

knit a first round,

and admire my work.

I've noticed that if you're very casual you can take pictures of your sock in a crowded place and most people don't even notice you.  Or if they do, they pretend not to, which is much the same thing.

Omigosh I just realized how much black is in these three pictures - the two other passengers were all in black (with dark blue denim), as was I (black denim), and my purse is black.  How could people not notice these brightly coloured socks having a photo shoot with my bright pink camera with all that black as the background??

There: that's a thing to do on the subway.  Discover the mystery of invisible brightly coloured socks.  And let's hope the trick isn't to have a totally nondescript person holding them, SIGH.


Linda said...

It is amazing that we can go around popping pictures left and right and no one bats an eye! But really good for us knitters! I love your sock yarn colors!!

Linda in VA

Mary Keenan said...

I guess people are just so used to selfies now... anything short of a giant selfie stick and it's just not memorable :^)